1998-2003 of release

Repair and car operation

Лексус RX 300
+ Cars Lexus RX-300
+ Controls and operation receptions
- Options and car routine maintenance
   The general information
   The general data on options and adjustments
   The routine maintenance schedule
   Check of levels of liquids, the control of leaks
   Check of a condition of tyres and pressure of their rating, rotation of wheels
   Replacement of impellent oil and the oil filter
   The general checks of brake system
   Check and replacement салонного the filter of a heater and К/В
   Check of a condition and replacement of hoses of an impellent compartment, localisation of leaks
   Check of a condition and replacement of belts of a drive of auxiliary units
   Replacement of a filtering element of an air cleaner
   Check of a condition of system of release of the fulfilled gases
   Check and replacement of spark plugs
   Replacement of a brake liquid, prorolling of brake system
   Check of a condition of components of a suspension bracket and steering
   Check of a condition of protective covers of power shafts and hinges карданного a shaft
   Check of working capacity of lighting devices, horn and the heater fan
   System EVAP check
   Condition check, adjustment and replacement of brushes of screen wipers
   Check of a condition of the battery and care it
   Replacement of a cooling liquid (ОЖ)
   Check and adjustment клапанных backlashes
   Check and adjustment of a course of pedals of a working and lay brake
   Check of boots of a lay brake
+ The engine
+ Systems of cooling of the engine, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
+ The power supply system and release of the fulfilled gases
+ Systems of an electric equipment of the engine
+ Automatic transmission and interaxal differential
+ Трансмиссионная a line
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Basic schemes of electric connections


Options and car routine maintenance


Types and volumes of applied greasings and liquids

Fuel type
Gasoline, is not worse АИ 91 (it is recommended АИ 95)
Volume of a fuel tank, l
Type of impellent oil under specifications API//ACEA
SJ or SH (EC-II)//A2-98
Viscosity of impellent oil under specification SAE
  • The all-weather
  • At operation at temperatures not more low-18 hailstones
Volume of impellent oil, l
  • The full
  • After опорожнения
    • With the oil filter
    • Without the oil filter
  • For increase of level from bottom to the top label on щупе, l
Type трансмиссионного oils for АТ (ATF)
T-IV Or similar
Volume (full//after опорожнения) ATF, l
  • U140E
  • U140F
Трансмиссионное oil of a distributing box and back differential
  • Type under specification API
  • Viscosity under specification SAE at operation at temperature:
    • Above-18 hailstones.
    • More low-18 hailstones.
80W or 80W-90
  • Volume, l
0.9 0.05
Quantity of greasing of SHRUS of power shafts, гр.
  • Forward power shafts (models 2WD)
    • External SHRUS
    • Internal SHRUS
      • From the hinge
      • From a cover
  • Forward power shafts (models 4WD)
    • External SHRUS
    • Internal SHRUS
  • Back power shafts (models 4WD)
    • External SHRUS
    • Internal SHRUS
Type of a cooling liquid
On a basis этиленгликоля
Volume of a cooling liquid, l
Type of a brake liquid
SAE J1703 or FMVSS №116 DOT 3
Type of liquid ГУР
ATF Dexron II or III
Volume of liquid ГУР, l
Type//quantity (гр.) coolant К/В
R134a//650 50
Type компрессионного oils К/В
Nippondenso Oil 8 or similar

The engine

Type of spark plugs//an interelectrode backlash, mm Nippondenso SK20R11//1.01.1, Champion RC8PYPB4//1.0 or NGK IFR6A11//1.0 1.1
Клапанные backlashes (at the cooled down engine), mm
  • Inlet valves
  • Final valves
Thickness of washers for adjustment клапанных backlashes, mm From 2.50 till with step 0.05
Tension of a belt of a drive of compressor K/V and the generator (on a site between them), Н
  • New belt
734 115
  • Old belt
391 98
Tension of a belt of a drive of pump GUR, Н
  • New belt
  • Old belt

Brake system

Free course of a pedal of a brake, mm 1 6
Distance from the released pedal of a brake to a floor, mm 193203
Distance from squeezed out with effort 490 Н pedals of a brake to a floor, mm Not less than 122
Quantity of clicks at raising of the lay
Brakes at effort 294 Н
Thickness of boots of a lay brake, mm
  • The standard
  • The minimum admissible

Efforts of a tightening of carving connections, Nanometer

Nuts of fastening of wheels 103
Drain stopper of impellent oil 45
Bolts of fastening of a belt of a drive of the generator and compressor K/V
  • Шарнирный a bolt
  • Fixing bolt
Fixture of an arm of an adjusting lath of a belt of a drive of the generator and compressor K/V See the Head of System of cooling of the engine, heating, ventilation and an air conditioning
Fixture of a belt of a drive of pump GUR 43.1
Drain stoppers of system of cooling
  • Stopper on a lateral cover of the block of cylinders of models 2WD
  • Other stoppers
Unions of prorolling of supports and the activator 8.3
Counternut of a press rod of a pedal of a brake 26
Counternuts of a screw coupler of adjustment of a lay brake
  • A
  • B